Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Just as we were getting ready to make the move to Bangalore, they go and change the name. Bengaluru. The Kannada pronunciation of Bangalore. I guess they can't tell, it's not acually a different name...

They've done it before and they'll do it again. Mumbai/Bombay ~ Kolkata/Calcutta ~ Chennai/Madras. Regionalists and nationalists will always find a way to assert their agendas in coded ways. and when the religious fundies get in the mix...well, then history gets re-written!

But here is a piece of history that we are writing as we go along...
Paige and I are moving to Bengaluru/Bangalore!

It is the perfect time to go on an adventure in the "dirty south" of India. My girl Paige, like it or not, comes from the dirty south of this here U S and A... and we're talking Texas dirty. So I thought it was high time for her to get a taste of just how dirty we southie desis can be. (and this way she can escape another harsh new york winter!)

So being that we will be so far from all of you for a year or so, we thought a blog essential for keeping you abreast of the developments and adventures in our life. We don't actually leave until January so please do join us for debauchery in the meantime and let the countdown begin!

Onward to Bengaluru!