Tuesday, April 24, 2007

waiting for the monkey

i can't sit still.

waiting waiting waiting 10,000 miles away

my little sister is having a little baby even as i write this.

i had no idea i would be so anxious when the time finally came. but here i am, hardly a finger nail left on these tips. my phone has become another appendage, i can scarcely look at anything else.

just waiting for it to ring.

there she sits serenely pregnant only two short weeks ago.

soon she will be two.


Amita said...

hi guys! how are you? just checked out your blog and glad to see you're doing well!! and can't wait to hear the news when sahana has the baby! anyway, hi from me and gregg.

zaftig *sometimes rachel sometimes julie* said...

ooohhhhhhh i can't wait to hear!! love you aunties. xo rach

squindia said...

oh my gosh!!! i am soooo excited!!