Friday, May 4, 2007

water birth in delhi

the most exciting news i've read in the last couple of days is that the first water birth took place in a delhi hospital! this is a big deal given that the cesarean rate in most delhi hospitals is 70-80%. check out more here.

in other news, we have added new photos to our flickr account. for photos of laura's and scott's going away party (including one of surabhi twirling a four-foot sparkler), click here; for photos of our going away gathering for jasmeen, click here; and for photos of our may day on asha's farm (and an ant hill to rival all ant hills), click here.


sou said...

oh wow. this is certainly great news for me! (if u remember our convo about me wanting to try this) now all i have to do is get pregnant :)

i don't know if surabhi got the sms i sent (my phone and connnection are a li'l unpredictable). i had a very nice time. thank you both.

- sou

Triathlon Gyrl said...

Was in NYC recently and asked Pankti about you. She sent me your blog and finally had a moment to read about and view pics on this wonderful chapter of your life. You look great- happy, etc.! Hope this journey continues to be all that you expect it to be.

My regards to you and Piage.

Much love,
Nina Moreno
San Francisco (formerly of NYC)

Solipsista said...

had heard abt the concept..
Although I need a clarification..Is water birth supposed to be less painful??

Warm regards,
Amrutha Bushan.

SUR NOTES said...

when i was pregnant i had heard about a lady in goa who helps with water births. it was too late into my pregancy to even consider going to goa to deliver.

if you do some research on the HUGE number of c-sections all over please do let me know.

SUR NOTES said...
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