Thursday, January 25, 2007

found a flat!

here is a picture of a street in our new neighborhood, called benson town. we decided to go for the big, fully furnished, quiet flat in a beautiful building. there is plenty of room for visitors! the neighborhood is very mixed hindu/muslim/christian, and quite posh, though it seems we got a great deal. we had tea with our new landlord last night and he and his wife are incredibly sweet and accomodating. we move in on the 31st. what a relief!


Anonymous said...

oooh pretty. kinda looks like em and mel's old block in west hollywood... xo rachel

cynthia said...

Hi Ladies -- So glad you found a happy home so quickly! Miss you bunches and can't wait to visit your lovely street. BTW, it's been freezing since you departed ... in the teens on Friday with windchill supposedly making it feel like 9 degrees. You picked the perfect time of year to move to India!