Thursday, January 18, 2007

we made it

after an amazingly wonderful and teary send-off with friends and family who caravaned to JFK, we had a relatively easy journey to bangalore. aside from not sleeping, all went well and we were even picked up at the airport at 5 am. it is really good to be here. the weather is gorgeous, and i can see that exciting things lie ahead. we were able to explore some of the city, which seemed big to me, but i realize it was a very small part of bangalore that i saw. we traveled by auto-rickshaw, which, as expected, was a bit unnerving. surabhi has been amazing, rocking her kannada and hindi, and making it all happen. i look forward to the day when i'm able to tell the driver in hindi or kannada where i'm heading. the pollution has been hard on the sinuses, and i can't help but wonder what the prevalence of asthma is here. i'm having a lot of feelings and reactions to the begging and extreme poverty (of which i've seen very little relative to what exists here), but i'm not yet able to articulate them. know that i'm thinking about it a lot and will try to include my reflections in upcoming entries.

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