Wednesday, March 28, 2007

T - 8 and counting

we are going on vacation. to goa. yeah.

the first few weeks we were here, we kept remarking on how it kind of felt like we were on holiday. we were staying in a guest house, i hadn't started full time work yet, we didn't really have any friends apart from each other. much more like a vacation. then of course we moved. as time has passed and we have slipped into a distinct rhythm in our daily life, it is becoming harder to imagine anything else.

a sure sign that a vacation is in order. if for no other reason, to keep the imagination and the adventure alive. and of course so that paige can get a tan and we can lie languidly on the beach sipping coconut water and eating freshly caught fish. i mean, who can argue with that logic?!

not that we need any excuses, but we do need a break... city life anywhere in the world - i am realizing - is exhausting. it reduces us to little creatures trying to survive despite all the harsh conditions that urbanization throws up. so time to break the monotony.

time for goa.


Saba said...

mmm, i want to drink some coconut water and eat some freshly caught fish...

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