Friday, March 9, 2007


so we all know that the times of india isn't exactly the country's most gramatically accurate or ethically responsible newspaper, but jeez! to its credit, the theme of international women's day was prominent throughout the front section, unlike the other papers. i was pleasantly surprised. so there i am, flipping through, trying to get past the liz hurley/arun nayar wedding story (you know, the most pressing and noteworthy news story of this week) and arrive at an article called something like "the new paradigm," about how far we women have come, etc. but the first thing i notice smack dab in the center of the article was a huge, color advertisement for jolen creme bleach, "lightens excess dark hair." convinced it was part of the article, i rapidly skimmed the text, searching for some critique of this product and/or advertisement, but to no avail.

it was really just an advertisement. right there in the middle of that article about how far women have come.

happy women's day.

p.s. stay tuned for details of last night's march through the streets of bangalore. check our flickr page for photos of the action.

p.p.s. for the record, i used jolen to bleach my mustache for years before i discovered waxing and electrolysis. but still.

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