Monday, February 12, 2007


general strikes are pretty miraculous experiences in bustling cities like bangalore. everything just stops. everything that is, except the barking dogs and squawking crows. they never take a rest. but the rest of the state is taking a day of rest. no shops, no rickshaws, no buses, no markets, nothing. the city is quiet and almost idyllic.

the natural beauty is much more evident without all the vehicular exhaust clouding the atmosphere. paige and i ventured out to our friend's place this afternoon to borrow some wireless time (hence the sudden burst of blogging) and it felt like we live in the country...deserted roads and stray roosters pecking at the dust, distant noises of two wheelers whizzing around and giggling girls clustered on balconies.

the strike was called throughout the state of Karnataka in response to the verdict of the council settling the Cauvery water dispute. Much tension was anticipated after the annoucement of the verdict because it seems Karnataka was expected to release much more water to Tamil Nadu than they wished to. When an interim verdict was passed 16 years ago with a similar expectation, there was mob fury and rioting all over Bangalore between Kannadigas and Tamilians. so anticipating the same again, the police presence was impressive and peace reigned.

for us, this means one more day without internet access, as our guy could not get over here to get us connected. one more day without necessary repairs done. and one less day of work!

it's not all bad...

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