Saturday, February 24, 2007

WE ARE ONLINE...and we are real aunties!

I had no idea that this would bring so much joy to me in my time here. That a simple ethernet cable with the power of broadband coursing through it would lift 50% of my daily tension and frustration. but it is done, in fact i am blogging from my very own ibook. ahhh....the simple pleasures.

so much has happened since the last set of posts. we took a little trip down to Mysore, home of a spectacular palace and many mellow city sites. some new photos on flickr give you a sense of how it is. we had some good food and fun market time but mostly it was great to get out of this big city and drive through some countryside and feel a slower vibe.

perhaps the single most important thing that has happened (after our internet connection) is my cousin Suchi had twin boys last friday! scrumptious little Ritvik and Roshan came a little early but are healthy and hairy and absolutely adorable - i mean check out those pictures!. i can't wait to meet them in person. sending big love to the BIG new family in Montclair.

so now that we are online, we are setting up the webcam and welcome any and all to start chatting online with us, y'hear?

our skype names are 'freesuru' and 'soypich'
we're waiting for your call!

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