Friday, February 23, 2007


we still have no internet. don't get me started. really. i've turned all (okay, maybe not ALL) my rage at incompetent people who never show up into productive energy which is spent writing a course design for my lamaze certification. it's extremely tedious and time consuming, but i need to get it done in the next week and a half, apply to take the exam in april, and start studying.

i've finally met tulika, an indian woman who i'd been e-mailing with from the states. she is also in the certification process, though a little further along than i, and a hell of a lot more knowledgeable about the birthing scene here in bangalore. sadly, the cesarean rate in urban hospitals throughout india is 70-80%, and women are given very few choices during labor and childbirth. routine practices include shaving, episiotomy, continuous fetal monitoring, and allowing only one support person in the delivery room. tulika told me that if a woman wants to move around during labor, essentially she has to lock herself in the bathroom, and move around in whatever way is comfortable for her while she pretends to pee! sigh.

this just in: the internet guy has promised to come in 45 minutes. while we've received countless empty promises of internet installation (even, "i'm on my way, madam!"), i'm encouraged by the fact that someone came today to wire the flat.

our social lives have continued to be quite busy; pics of new and old friends coming soon. the kick-off this week was a super fun live performance by ozomatli. while that was hard to beat, there are many other events to look forward to: shai's experimental film festival, leslie's sangria party, family meals, and greta's visit!

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