Wednesday, February 28, 2007

too much work!

ok, so things are hotting up on the work front for both of us. Paige is furiously preparing her application and course design for her childbirth education certification to be completed. And I am drowning under program plans and consent forms and study designs. My project is slowly getting more and more defined and consequently more and more scary! Thinking concretely about working with the police or doctors is really frightening at times. I suppose I am conditioned to think these are impermeable institutions as well. they certainly think so! fortunately i have found a few that are open to working on the issue of gender based violence so there will surely be some progress.

aside from that i suppose the only new development is that i am homesick. i guess it takes me a while since this place is so familiar is so many ways, but just like clockwork, at about 6 weeks, i am missing home. i remember when i was growing up and we would come here for our summer vacations, about halfway through the trip i would feel inconsolable, and then before i knew it, it was time to leave, the second half always seemed to fly by. well i have way more than 6 weeks ahead of me and a hell of a lot of work, so send me love.

(hope you haven't forgotten my email!)



squindia said...

oh suru! work might be a bit stressful but it sounds so exciting. i can't wait to hear all about it.

sorry about the homesick gurl. it happens. i am so not homesick right now and very much adoring bangalore so i can rub some of that off on you if you like ;-)

Anonymous said...


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