Tuesday, February 6, 2007

send earplugs and wi fi...

so the move is over and things are slowly falling into place, but there is a lot to get used to. the noise for one. between the three different calls to prayer resounding thoroughout our neighborhood and the street vendors calling out their wares and the constant sounds of crows and dogs, we are lucky if we get 6 hours of deep sleep...but hear-os to the rescue! so glad that paige brought a large supply of them, i never knew that earplugs would be so important to me.

we are also stuck in the void of internetlessness. it is such a lifeline...i think we sometimes forget how connected it makes us feel. fortunately i have regular access at work, but i am rarely ever at a desk so it doesn't feel like much. hopefully it will be sorted out soon at home. we are having trouble figuring out if someone is trying to get a bribe out of us or if there is a genuine problem. but Paige has been struggling valiantly to make it happen and i am sure she will succeed.

everything feels like a struggle here in the beginning. just figuring out where to get basic household things, how much to pay for things, the shortest route to get somewhere. it all gets so exhausting. and all this compounded by strikes and other random disturbances. no wonder everything takes longer here!

despite it all, we were able to have a fun little housewarming party last friday night pulling together our assortment of friends, some of my old peeps and some of paige's new internet finds and a few unknown friends of friends, creating a warm and fun atmosphere. with paige's perfectly timed party mix and lots of food and alcohol and of course a surprise birthday cake, it was definitely a good time. photos to follow, paige is the technophile in the family...

ok... back to work!


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